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Point-in-Time studies provide a snapshot of homelessness on one night.

Starting in 2005, the Homeless Planning Council has conducted bi-annual Point-in-Time studies on homelessness. The HPC coordinates the process and planning of these studies. This process includes invitation to participate, follow-up, survey design, data collection and data analysis.

Point-in-Time studies provide a snapshot of homelessness on one night. The counts are done on a specific night and we can then use a national formula to project the number of homeless people in Delaware throughout the year. Local, State and Federal agencies and funders use the data collected through the Point-in-Time studies to complete needs assessments and determine the need for additional services focused on the homeless.

Shelters, motel voucher distributors, transitional housing programs and permanent supportive housing facilities provide basic data on their consumers for the chosen night. In addition, a team of surveyors, experienced in homeless outreach, complete an unsheltered count for the same night.

Information that is gathered includes data on familial, veterans and disability status as well as statewide bed capacity rates. The Point-in-Time studies provide the HPC, provider agencies, policymakers, consumers and the community with a look at the number and characteristics of the homeless community and provide an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of our Continuum of Care.

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