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One voice speaking for the homeless population in Delaware


Ending homelessness in Delaware is our goal. However, families and individuals experiencing homelessness in Delaware face discrimination based on their disability status, housing status, and source of income when seeking access to shelter, housing, and employment in our state. Persons experiencing homelessness are often treated unfairly by authorities with regard to their use of public space as well.

Unequal access to these essential goods and services creates barriers for persons as they seek to end their episode of homelessness, and further marginalizes our most vulnerable community members. We cannot allow these practices to continue.

Please take time to review the documents on this page for more information about our advocacy efforts, and sign our petition to end discrimination by clicking here.


The Homeless Planning Council also advocates for services for the homeless as well as funding and other needs of the homeless service providers. We work with other advocacy organizations so that there is one voice speaking for the homeless population in Delaware.

As part of our advocacy efforts, we have created the Delaware Homeless Advocacy Network. As a member of the Network, you can receive regular emails about advocacy actions that you as an individual can participate in or as a member of a larger group and a monthly Network Newsletter that outlines specific legislation, public meetings, budget hearings, etc. that you can advocate for.

If you would like to become a member of the Delaware Homeless Advocacy Network, please email hpc@hpcdelaware.org with your contact information. 

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