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Re-Housing Homeless Persons

In order to shorten the length of time that people are homeless we have to open the back door of the homeless assistance system.  Opening the back door of the system requires being able to rapidly re-house homeless persons back into the community.

Rapid Re-housing programs help persons experiencing homelessness locate housing in the community, negotiate with landlords, and provide home-based case management to promote housing retention and link people with needed services within their new community. Rapid Re-housing strategies have been used in rural, suburban, and urban communities. In communities with limited shelter resources, helping people move quickly back into housing can reduce the strain on shelters while ensuring families have the services they require to be successful.

Critical to the success of Rapid Re-housing programs is aggressive landlord outreach and housing search assistance. Providers use a variety of strategies to educate landlords in the community about their services, dispel myths about persons experiencing homelessness, and provide support to the person and the landlord to promote successful tenancy. Building and retaining the trust of landlords is instrumental and expands the housing options available to homeless persons, particularly those with more challenging rental histories.

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